Pete the bee lives in a barn on a rescue farm with Farmer Geoff, his wife and four daughters. Pete has many friends on the farm and they share lots of fun and adventures together. Book 1 consists of six stories for young children presented in audio format. There is also a free story from Book 2 included.

Stories - Book 1 Audio Book (read by Paul Cook) 

1. Pete the Bee and The Rescue Farm 

2. Pete the Bee and The Unwelcome Visitor 

3. Shebdon the Shirehorse has a Grumpy Day - sound file available below; also on YouTube and Vimeo

4. Pete the Bee and The Wasp Who Didn't Listen 

5. Claridge the Cat Gets Too Big For His Boots 

6. Bonus story from Book 2: Greggor the Goose and the Missing Cabbages.

Shebdon the Shire Horse Has A Grumpy Day.mp3


Pete the Bee Copyright 2016 Paul Cook